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A short description about the one of the biggest Romanian (bespoke clothing) company

Filip Cezar is an Romanian menswear couture house owned by SC ADFIL COLECTION SRL company. Founded in Bucharest in 2012, it is known for its bespoke men's suits and shirts, sartorial ready-to-wear collections and leather goods. Throughout its history, the company has redefined and integrated the bespoke suits concept in Romania, giving exclusivity to young people. It has been also a point of reference for the cultural, arts, entertainment, institutional and business worlds.


Filip Cezar was established in Bucharest in 2012 as a men's tailoring company by founders Filip V. Cristinel, and N. Denis Adriana, an entrepreneur. They opened their first shop on Jean Monnet street, naming the brand after the son of the founder Filip Cezar Andrei.

Filip Cezar quickly started to raise interest from music and entertaiment personalitiesyoung peoples and big business leaders. The people who want exclusivity and a great look, also enjoy the Filip Cezar bespoke products, from bespoke suits and shirts, to accesories and leather goods. The brand is also present in social media like Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Filip Cezar also gives useful information to people, such as "Bespoke vs Made to Measure" with images or articles and promote the tradition of the bespoke suits and cultural arts, making suits for artist, celebrities etc.

Filip Cezar work with exclusive suits and shirts fabrics and with the experience of the greatest tailors from Romania, make the image of the customers unique. Filip Cezar gives you limitless options for your bespoke suit. It gives you the freedom to choose - the fabric you want... any extravagant details that customers desire.

The logo of the company can be found in many forms and is represented by a roman helmet (in 3D and 2D version).

More about us

Filip Cezar reflects the lifestyle of men with style and personality in the great moments of their life. In our workshop, we make handmade luxury custom suits and shirts for men. We combine traditional tailoring with the latest trends, reflecting the value of a unique suit.

The products are made only in our studio by tailors with vast experience.
Our accessories are of the highest quality. Cufflinks are made from natural materials such as corozo, real horn, bone, and Mother Of Pearl.

The customer is advised by a professional team how to choose the right model and has the possibility of choosing the fabrics and accessories from the collections proposed with the largest manufacturers such as Cerutti, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Marzotto, Marlane, Albini, Monti, etc.

Our patterns are designed and customized exclusively for each customer. After establishing all the details, it takes about seven days until you get your customer order. During this week, the customer is called 2 or 3 times to finalize the exact details as desired and to ensure maximum satisfaction to a completely customized product.

After the first test, the customer will have his measures inserted in our database, and in the future, he will be able to order the products accordingly.
Orders can be made urgently and in the best time possible. Set the first date, and if is necessary, we can come to you.

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