Fashion trends 2015-2016: Customized wedding suits

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Today, choosing a wedding suit no longer poses such an enormous challenge for the groom. This is due to the internet being accessible to all and, regardless of the device you use to connect, readily able to supply you with the information you need. On the other hand, this is also why you should make sure you keep up with the latest trends and, thus, that your groom's attire will be one that shows you are a true gentleman.

When looking for an appropriate groom's attire, the first thing you should try to do is some research: look for online pictures of different types of formal event suits. Once you have established a number of types of suits that you feel become you, it's time to consider the details.

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To begin with, you need to choose the suit that not only fits your body like a glove, but your character as well. It can be single or double-breasted. It can be a tuxedo, a frock-coat or a dress coat. It can have notched or shawl lapels.

If you're an athletic person, somewhat slim around the waist, you can go for a double-breasted suit like the one in the following picture. Mind you, though, that you can't wear the jacket of a double-breasted suit unbuttoned, so consider the season, climate and place where you would be wearing it, on the wedding day.

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There are also a few disadvantages to a double-breasted suit. First of all, it is more restrictive and stiff than a single-breasted suit and not as comfortable. But, sometimes, elegance demands sacrifice.

This type of suit really sets off your features and helps outline your athletic figure. On the other hand, if the shape of your body is "less-than-athletic", and sports and the gym are not really your cup of tea, a double-breasted suit will not work to your advantage. Remember that a double-breasted suit will place you, from a sartorial point of view, on an entirely different social level, effectively turning you into a magnet to attract their glances and esteem. You should also bear in mind that most royal family members only choose to wear double-breasted suits.

Counter intuitively, though, you should know that most of our own clients choose, however, to wear single-breasted suits. Admittedly, with today's diet being what it is and with never enough time to visit the gym, we can hardly manage to stay thin. Therefore most of us require a single-breasted groom's suit and they need to bespeak it with a tailoring company that not only employs experienced tailors, but the prices of which, also, are not too high. Here, at our high-end tailoring company, Filip Cezar, we can guarantee the best quality that money can buy for the lowest prices available, when it comes to bespoke, handmade suits.

A bespoke groom's suit will ensure that your look is unique, and any groom that wishes to leave others a pleasant and long-lasting impression should definitely choose this option. A bespoke groom's suit is an answer that is worth every penny, since the stake is one of the most important moments in your life, and since, you, as the groom, are supposed to wear a suit that undoubtedly gets everybody looking. Also, remember that a bespoke suit can last you up to twenty years, so you will be wearing the same suit to other events as well. And, with a little lapel adjustment, there is no reason why a formal event suit couldn't be turned into a casual suit.

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Once you've made your choice regarding the type of suit you want: whether it's a tailcoat, a frock coat (the tailcoat's unruly cousin) or a tuxedo, whether it's single or double-breasted, it's time to choose the fabric, the colour and type of lapel (notched or shawl), the colour of the buttons and what they should be made of, as well as the colour of the buttonholes.

To the more rotund gentlemen we recommend either a somewhat wider shawl lapel or a notch lapel, whereas for the thinner gentleman a slimmer, less open lapel is more adequate, in order to soften the narrowness of the shoulders. It is for the same reason that the classic suit should stay true to the individual's bodily outline. So beware... if you're shoulders are rather wide, a narrow lapel tends to make you look like a penguin, whereas a wider lapel, preferably notched, will make you look very elegant and unique.

Once you've got every detail of the wedding suit settled, it's time to look for a tailoring company that can, based on the given criteria, accommodate and account for your every desire.

When you finally arrive at the doorstep of the workshop, either a consultant or a tailor will hand you a catalogue of various fabric brands, types and nuances. These can come in many different categories. Depending on that category, the price of the suit will vary, according to the quality of the fabric you've chosen.

We here at Filip Cezar, however, urge you not to make any compromise regarding the fabric, and to opt for one of top quality, preferably of 110' S. A fabric made of wool will provide adequate skin breathability, while one made of silk, one of the strongest natural fibres, will keep the air next to your body warm, due to its reduced thermal conductivity.

With this article, we've tried to encompass all the steps required to choose a groom's attire. In the end, we can only recommend one thing: if you truly want to look unique for one of your life's most important moments, choose a bespoke suit. Choose the best tailoring house that charges the lowest prices. Choose Filip Cezar.

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