How to choose the perfect velvet jacket

Velvet jackets have long been monopolised by Hugh Heffner and James Bond. Luckily for mere mortals, they’re finally being reclaimed as a party piece by the real man. Seen as an alternative to a smoking jacket or tuxedo, the velvet touch adds an (acceptable) level of Hollywood glamour to any outfit.

With a fine line between fancy, and fancy-dress, there are some simple pointers that are worth adhering to:

- Look for jewel tones, blacks and greys. Pattern and print can look garish, while contrast piping puts you within touching distance of an Austin Powers tribute-act. 
- For formal occasions, wear with a white shirt, take note Lewis Hamilton. 
- Keep accessories classic. No novelty bow ties, silk scarves or shoes, please.
- It’s all about the details – look closely at lapels, buttons and pockets when buying. Single breasted will make you appear slimmer, as will a shawl collar.
- Velvet jackets pair well with jeans or chinos. NB, no silly washes on the jeans. In fact, silly washes on jeans should be banished, full stop.

As a rule of thumb, ask yourself: “What would Hugh do?” Then, do the opposite.

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How to choose the perfect velvet jacket
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